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Oil and Gas

In oil and gas applications, reliability and safety are essential. To support the industry’s highly regulated, mission-critical operations, John Crane offers a wide range of innovative services and applied engineering solutions. Our experienced sales and engineering staff help select, design and apply sealing systems for even the most challenging conditions, and John Crane products meet the highest industry standards for containment of fugitive emissions. We also have 90+ test rigs available to ensure components can operate with maximum reliability when subjected to specific environmental conditions. And with more than 200 global rapid-response locations, assistance is available whenever and wherever our customers need it.

Upstream — Oil and Gas Extraction

Offshore platforms and onshore oil and gas extraction facilities often operate in remote locations where storage space is limited and application conditions are extreme. And because equipment failure can have dire consequences — jeopardizing costs, environmental safety and energy resources — these mission-critical operations require reliable engineered components that can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, corrosion and erosion over a long period of time. John Crane not only engineers products with proven long-term success under these conditions; we also offer a wide range of assistive services that help maximize application reliability.

Midstream/Downstream — Processing, Piping and Refining

Due to the volatile and hazardous nature of midstream and downstream oil and gas materials, every pump, compressor, turbine and mixer depends on innovative engineered components to optimize safety and emission containment. John Crane engineers products specific to abrasive conditions, pressure changes, and multi-phase fluid properties to maximize uptime and minimize emissions. If service, repair or refurbishment are ever needed due to planned or unplanned maintenance, we also have over 200 global rapid-response locations ready to dispatch specialized assistance at any time.

Specialized Products

Our portfolio of oil and gas application-specific components spans all industry sectors:

Non Pusher Elastomer Seal

Type 8648VRS Non Pusher Elastomer Crude Oil Pipeline Seal: Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of pipeline pumping station duties.

O-ring Pusher Seals

Type 48 Cartridge Seals: Designed to attain Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) compliance in light hydrocarbons and other VOCs

Type 8B1 Mechanical Seal: Rugged and available in a wide variety of elastomers for handling a wide range of industrial fluids

API 682 Cartridge Seals: Industry-leading API standard seal configurations that are fully qualified and compliant

Types RREP and 8B1RS High-duty Seals:Ideal for handling high-pressure and high-speed applications

Universal Cartridge 5600 Seals: Medium duty, designed to full ANSI and DIN standards

Metal Bellows Seals

Types 604, 609 and 606 Metal Bellows Seals: Designed for high-temperature liquid sealing applications to 425°C/800°F

Type 670 Metal Bellows Seals: All-alloy, corrosion-resistant construction intended for crystallizing, caustic and acid services


Non-contacting Seals

Type 2800, 2874 Cartridge Seals: Specifically designed to meet strict zero-leakage requirements

Type 28SC Non-contacting Gas Seal: Ideal for light flashing hydrocarbons in remote locations

Type 2874NE Non-contacting Gas Seal:Non-contacting, Non-elastomer Metal Bellows Outward Pumping Dual Gas Seal for High-temperature Applications

Dry Gas Seals

AURA™ : Proven success in pipeline gas compression, offshore platforms and refineries 

Calculate the economic benefits of retrofitting oil-seal equipped centrifugal compressors using the John Crane Lifecycle Cost Calculator.

Type 28ST Steam Turbine Seal: An alternative to carbon ring seals that virtually eliminates steam leakage

API 682 Metal Bellows Seals

Type 1648: API 682-qualified, Single Cartridge, Type "A" O-ring Pusher Seal

Type 2648: API 682-qualified, Dual Unpressurized Cartridge, Type "A" O-ring Pusher Seal

Type 3648: API 682-qualified, Dual Pressurized Cartridge, Type "A" O-ring Pusher Seal

Type 1670: API 682 Category II and Category III, Type B, Arrangement 1 Single Rotating Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal

Type 2609HTL/3609HTL: Dual Unpressurized and Pressurized Rotating Bellows Cartridge Seals

Type 2609HTC/3609HTC: Dependable API 682/ISO 21049 Cartridge Seals

Type 3604/3604HTC/3604HTCDP: Dependable API 682/ISO 21049 Cartridge Seals

Type 1604: Single Stationary API 682/ISO 21049 Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal Type C, Arrangement 1

Type 1604HTC: Single Stationary Welded Metal Bellows API 682 Cartridge Seal Type C, Arrangement 1

ECS: Metal Bellows Dry-running Secondary Emission Containment Seal

Power Transmission Couplings

T-Series and M-Series: A standard for API 610 and API 671

TSKS/TSCS: Designed to give the most flexible solution for high-torque and misalignment conditions. Ideally suited to meet the pumping, motor, and turbine drive power transmission needs of the oil and gas industries.

John Crane A-Series couplings: Membrane, elastomeric and gear types ideal for less-critical applications

Seal Support Systems

PR 52/PR 53A: Reservoir-based seal support systems designed for both API Plan 52 and 53A applications to support unpressurized and pressurized dual seals

PA 53B: Accumulator-based system that uses a bladder to maintain pressure to pressurized dual seals and absorb barrier fluid thermal expansion

PA 53C: Accumulator-based system that uses a piston to maintain pressure to pressurized dual seals and absorb barrier fluid thermal expansion

RU-2/RU-4: Portable units that allow refilling of a seal reservoir or barrier fluid circuit while the system is pressurized and in operation

PL 54/PL 55: Provide a pressurized or unpressurized barrier/buffer fluid to dual seals; preferred where flow and heat removal capacity exceeds that of API Plan 52 or 53

WCH/WCV/K2S: Water-cooled heat exchangers for use where water is readily available

PD 75: Leakage detection and monitoring for dual-unpressurized seal arrangements where the outer seal is dry-running and the leakage can condense

PD 76: Provides detection and monitoring for non-condensing leakage in a dual-unpressurized seal arrangement where the outer seal is dry-running

PD 65A/PD 65B: Used to capture and monitor seal leakage in single-seal applications

PG 72: Provides a clean, regulated gas supply to dual-unpressurized seal arrangements where the containment seal is dry-running

PG 74: Provides a clean, regulated gas supply to API Plan 74 dual-pressurized, non-contacting seal arrangements


FCF Seal Gas Filtration is specially designed to remove liquid and particle contamination to maximize reliable dry gas seal operation. The filters comply with international pressure vessel and design codes and were designed in alignment with API614 and designed for API692.

Liquid Filtration: Filters designed for almost any liquid application, from lubrication, hydraulic or bearing oil systems to water injection systems.

Seal-Gas-Filtration: Removes liquid and particle contamination to allow continuous supply of clean, dry gas

Fuel-Gas-Filtration: Individually tailored for maximum reliability, regardless of the condition of the supply gas

Fuel Oil Filtration: Patented elements that remove water and particle contamination for maximum reliability

Double 3-way and 6-way Transfer Valves: Provide continuous operation while one side receives maintenance

Filter Elements: Patented design for maximum performance and running time between change outs

Oil and Gas Process Filtration is used to significantly reduce process contamination and increase the productivity of your operation.



Styles 1625G and 1635: High-temperature graphite braided packings that offer dimensional stability, reduced process contamination and ease of use

Style 1627G: High-temperature carbon braided packings that offer dimensional stability, reduced process contamination and ease of use

Styles G58, G57 and G581: High-purity, high-strength interlace braided flexible graphite packings designed to handle a wide range of fluids

Style 894: Cost-effective, general service graphited packing designed to handle a wide range of fluids at moderate to high temperatures, pressures and shaft speeds

100AL: Strong, compressible metallic packing that demonstrates remarkably good shaft conformability and low friction characteristics

Style K1730: Constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers for excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability, resilience and conformability

Oil and Gas Industry Services

We also offer deliver reliability through a number of additional services:

Equipment Service

John Crane Equipment Service performs critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance as well as repair, removal and reinstallation services.

Reliability Support

John Crane Reliability Support services assess equipment reliability and performance, analyze root cause failures and recommend strategies for improvement

Asset Management

John Crane Asset Management software offers customers a holistic view of their current systems to help spot unleveraged opportunities.


John Crane provides a wide range of on- and off-site training courses that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components.