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Asset Management Solutions

In an ever increasing cost cutting environment, coupled with an increasing global energy demand, securing robust and effective asset maintenance systems, has never been so crucial. Our Asset Management team delivers services to improve maintenance processes and increase asset efficiency, providing the systems and data needed to reduce maintenance costs and keep your people and equipment safe.

Whether it’s a new build, where the behavior of new technology has yet to be seen, or established operations with the challenges of extending the life cycle of aging assets, we can provide you with the data and processes needed to maintain optimal production and industry compliance.

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ABS Recognized Specialist

John Crane Asset Management Solutions is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping as a Recognized External Specialist for Condition Monitoring. The American Bureau of Shipping is a leading international classification organization devoted to promoting the security of life and property and preserving the natural environment through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine and offshore assets.

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Asset Management Solutions Overview

John Crane’s Asset Management Solutions provides dramatic improvements in reliability through dynamic, data driven solutions customized to your business operations and objectives.

Maintenance Excellence Services

Our Maintenance Excellence services allow you to improve the management of your maintenance procedures and workforce to ensure compliance with crucial safety standards and reduce the risk of high maintenance costs. John Crane Asset Management experts take your specific requirements and use the latest technology to enable the efficient execution of both planned and corrective maintenance.

We provide expertise in selecting and implementing the correct CMMS that fits your needs and budget. CMMS build includes data validation, master equipment list (MEL) build, equipment hierarchy, criticality analysis, preventive maintenance and spare parts optimization. Once your system is up and running, our CMMS optimization services ensure it delivers what is expected of it. We provide workload smoothing, data cleansing, CMMS management & support, KPI development, CMMS transition and backlog management services.

Maintenance Strategies

Generic or specific strategies are developed depending on the type or criticality of maintainable equipment. Plans detail equipment boundaries, maintenance tasks to be performed, the frequency of maintenance and the resources required to complete the work.

Spare Optimization Services

Spare parts services look to define the optimal holding for new or existing equipment to reduce plant downtime and unnecessary inventory costs. Services include a level of repair analysis (LORA), risk-based spares analysis, minimum & maximum stock levels, bill of material preparation, and cataloging.

Workload Smoothing

Workload smoothing services enable the optimization of workforce levels to ensure efficient execution of both planned and corrective maintenance.

Reliability Services

Sustaining efficient asset performance to comply with ever-increasing industry standards means you can protect your people and maintain operational performance. John Crane Asset Management solution reliability services improve the performance of your equipment and people to ensure your confidence in your operations.

Reliability Improvement

Our team works with you to provide reliability and maintenance personnel and activities management system. Applicable to brownfield, greenfield and drilling, it ensures all concerned share one goal and work together consistently across assets by providing structure, cohesion and drive for all reliability activities with added focus on ownership & accountability, defect elimination, continuous improvement, personal development and knowledge transfer.

Reliability Engineers

Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide reliability engineers to work offshore or in your plant to target defect elimination and continuous improvement. They provide in-depth and practical knowledge in leadership, data collection, project liaison, improvement and performance trending.

Condition Monitoring

John Crane's condition monitoring services enable you to address potential problems before they can cause damage on your operations. In close collaboration with you, we implement effective condition monitoring programs aligned with your operating requirements. We analyze your assets across entire systems, using periodic monitoring and analysis of operational parameters for critical pieces of equipment to collect the real-time data needed to help increase production, reduce maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership.

Condition-Based Maintenance

The John Crane team works with you to develop a reliability-based maintenance strategy for cost-effective operation and increased reliability based on your plant’s actual requirements. Through the implementation and active management of key asset monitoring, equipment performance measuring and advanced machinery diagnostics, our specialists provide the insight needed to enable better asset utilization and availability, freeing up your teams to focus on the tasks critical for maintaining optimal operations. Our team works to train your people and ensure they have in-depth and practical knowledge in leadership, data collection, project liaison, maintenance strategies and performance trending.

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