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Our Services

John Crane offers a wide range of services designed to help improve equipment reliability, lower total cost of ownership and reduce downtime:
Maintenance and Repair icon

Maintenance and Repair Services

John Crane Maintenance and Repair Services assists with critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance, as well as engineered component repair, removal and reinstallation services.

John Crane PERFORMANCE PLUS® Reliability Programs icon

PERFORMANCE PLUS® Reliability Programs

Results-driven and individually tailored, John Crane PERFORMANCE PLUS® Reliability Programs programs define performance targets, assess reliability, analyze root cause failures and recommend improvement strategies.

Turbomachinery Services icon

Turbomachinery Services

Eight strategically located turbomachinery service centers and 300+ engineers worldwide allow us to respond quickly to failure investigation and technical issues — anytime, anywhere.

Asset Management Solutions

The John Crane Asset Management Solutions team deliver services to improve maintenance processes and increase asset efficiency, using data to create the processes needed to reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance to crucial safety standards.

John Crane Traing


Our comprehensive training courses help end-user personnel optimize uptime by keeping their equipment running safely, smoothly and reliably.

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