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Hydrogen Solutions that Fuel Net Zero Progress

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Fueling Clean Hydrogen Efforts in Mission-Critical Sectors

Achieving ambitious net zero goals requires significant emissions reduction efforts in hard-to-abate markets such as refining, chemical, steel and heavy-duty transport. Low-carbon hydrogen has emerged as a key lever for decarbonizing these sectors. Yet according to International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates, less than 1% of global hydrogen in 2022 was produced using low-emissions methods.

Solidifying our industry’s sustainable future will require the rapid acceleration of scalable low-carbon hydrogen solutions. John Crane is meeting this challenge with market-ready hydrogen innovations that equip our customers to achieve mission-critical decarbonization goals. These solutions are actively enabling green and blue hydrogen operations around the globe, from Australia to Canada and key markets in between.

Accelerating Progress Across the New Hydrogen Value Chain

John Crane takes a comprehensive approach to scaling the new hydrogen ecosystem. We believe it is essential to deploy all sources of low-carbon hydrogen, including hydrogen produced through renewable- or nuclear-powered electrolysis and traditional natural gas reforming technologies retrofitted with carbon capture solutions. However, production is just one link in the new hydrogen value chain; to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, hydrogen transport and storage are just as critical. We are investing heavily in technologies that enable a safe, scalable hydrogen transport infrastructure, including alternative energy carriers such as ammonia.

As John Crane enters its 107th year, we are committed to developing the solutions that shape our industry’s next century. This includes the hydrogen sealing and filtration technologies of the future, leading-edge digital solutions and hydrogen-ready services that support our industry in achieving its ambitious decarbonization goals. Through collaborations with Hydrogen Europe and other hydrogen pioneers, we are actively accelerating and scaling the new hydrogen ecosystem pivotal to our industry’s future.

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A Global Leader in Hydrogen Sealing Solutions

Proven Hydrogen Expertise

Since producing the first hydrogen gas seal in 1979, John Crane has supplied thousands of dry gas seals to hydrogen applications. More than 5,000 mechanical seals, filters, couplings and systems are in use today, enabling some of the world’s most innovative clean hydrogen facilities.

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Decreasing Emissions by 98% in an Oman Production Plant

A prominent exploration and production firm in Oman partnered with John Crane to reduce emissions and enhance operational efficiency. By replacing conventional oil seals with advanced Type 28 dry gas seals, we helped our customer decrease its CO2 emissions by 98% and lower gas consumption by approximately 2% in the gas turbine — all while achieving higher-quality gas with lower oil removal costs.

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A Comprehensive Range of Hydrogen Solutions

We are experts in our field, and our wide-ranging hydrogen portfolio proves it. Our solutions are designed to overcome critical hydrogen compression, pumping and filtration challenges, both now and as the energy transition progresses. We offer gas seals, systems, filtration and couplings specifically designed for hydrogen, ammonia and methanol applications.

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Investments in Low-Carbon Innovation

We are committed to pioneering sustainable designs that address the unique dynamics of compressing and filtering hydrogen. We continuously invest in advanced materials and new designs for higher-speed applications such as hydrogen pipelines and liquefaction.

Proven Hydrogen Experience

John Crane supplies vital components to most active large-scale hydrogen projects worldwide.

40+ Years

With more than four decades of experience in hydrogen compression, sealing and filtration, John Crane is a leader in market-ready decarbonization technologies.

Market-Ready Solutions

Since 1979, we have installed more than 5,000 seals, filters, couplings and systems in hydrogen applications — delivering reliability across every link of the value chain.

Active Projects Worldwide

John Crane’s solutions are trusted by both large-scale green and blue hydrogen initiatives and small-to-medium-scale pilot projects in operation today.

Maximizing Seal Reliability in Hydrogen Applications

Since becoming operational in 2015, John Crane’s pump seals and seal support systems have consistently delivered a high Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) for one of Canada’s largest blue hydrogen facilities. This enables reliable, clean operations for the end user.

~6 million tonnes (Mt) and counting

Total carbon emissions captured since 2015

Enabling One of Canada’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Facilities

John Crane was selected to provide sealing technologies for one of Canada’s largest blue hydrogen production sites. The project demonstrated blue hydrogen and carbon capture technologies from the facility’s steam methane reformer units. The site is now capturing up to ~1.2 million tonnes (Mt) per year of carbon dioxide, which is then transported and permanently stored over two kilometers below the earth’s surface in a deep saline aquifer.

Delivering Safe, Reliable Hydrogen Compression

John Crane’s dry gas seals, high-performance couplings and gas systems play a critical role in scaling up the clean hydrogen economy — but their value doesn't stop there. These solutions are equally important in various secondary processes involving gases such as O2, CO2 and ammonia, each of which pose unique challenges. With an unrivaled track record for innovation and service excellence, John Crane is the trusted partner for reliable compression solutions.

Powering Critical Pumps Across Industries

Pump applications are critical across the hydrogen value chain, ranging from large water intake, cooling water and circulation pumps in green hydrogen production to essential services like amine, lean solution, CO2 and boiler feedwater in blue hydrogen production. Pumps are also vital in ammonia, methanol, liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) conversion and reconversion, as well as various end-use applications. John Crane's mechanical seals, seal support systems, couplings and filtration solutions have long set the industry standard for reliable, safe pump operation. Today, they are delivering this same unmatched reliability and safety in global hydrogen applications, contributing to the scalability of this essential new energy ecosystem.

Advanced Filtration for Optimal Hydrogen Quality

At John Crane, we understand the critical role of filtration in the hydrogen value chain. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure the right hydrogen quality for each application and protect crucial equipment including compressors, turbines, dryers, heat exchangers and fuel cells. With expertise in equipment filtration — including seal gas and fuel gas conditioning and process filtration for water pre-filtration and modular systems — we offer practical solutions for diverse filtration needs. As the hydrogen industry evolves, John Crane pioneers filtration innovation to secure a reliable and efficient future for hydrogen applications and technologies.

Products and Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

Gas Seals and Systems

John Crane has installed more than 3,500 gas seals and panels worldwide for hydrogen applications, ranging from low blend to 100%.

Dry Gas Seals Gas Seal Systems Gas Conditioning Units GCU Centrifugal Seal Gas Booster

Wet Seals and Systems

We have extensive experience in wet seals for various applications, including refining, chemical, food and beverage, ranging from API to ANSI design standards.

Metal Bellows Seals Vessel and Agitator Seals O-Ring Pusher Seals Wet Seal Systems


Filtration is crucial for meeting purity requirements in hydrogen applications. Our filtration and gas preparation products effectively purify water and remove compressor oils, hydrocarbons and moisture — ensuring clean hydrogen production while safeguarding essential components.

FCF Seal Gas Filtration Fuel Gas Filtration Liquid Filtration Replacement Filter Elements


We design high-performance power transmission couplings that stand up to the requirements of diverse applications. This includes investing in ultra-high-speed ranges to meet the design requirements for future hydrogen needs.

Turbomachinery Couplings API Couplings

Asset Management

Our asset management team delivers proven maintenance and reliability improvements for rotating equipment in hydrogen applications.

Asset Management Solutions

John Crane Sense®

Our digital monitoring and predictive analytics solutions increase reliability and reduce operating costs for rotating equipment in hydrogen applications.

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