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Mining and Minerals

With decades of experience serving the mining and minerals industries, John Crane understands the need for greater equipment reliability and maximum performance in harsh environments. To solve these challenges, we engineer application-specific components and offer a wide breadth of services aimed at reducing maintenance costs and lowering total cost of ownership. Our 200+ rapid-response facilities provide comprehensive repair and support services across the globe.

Mining and Minerals Industry Services

John Crane services can help extend the life of mining and mineral applications and increase production by limiting unplanned downtime and identifying opportunities for improvement:

Mining and Minerals 产品

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Type 5840

Cost-effective Cartridge Slurry Seal

Slurry Seal 5840 lg

Our Type 5840 single-cartridge seal encompasses many of the advantages associated with heavy-duty seal design, encased in a cost-effective...

Type 5860

Heavy-duty Cartridge Slurry Seal

5860 lg

Available as a single or double seal, the Type 5860 is designed to operate in the harshest abrasive slurry environments....

Type 5870

Flushless Cartridge Seal

5870 lg

The Type 5870 is a single, balanced, O-ring pusher cartridge seal. It is designed to operate unsupported in all paper...

Type 37FS

Heavy-duty Split Elastomer Bellows Seal for Agitators, Mixers and Pumps

37FS lg

The Type 37FS fully split mechanical seal helps significantly reduce maintenance on larger, difficult-to-seal equipment. It is recommended for use on...

Type 37FSB

Heavy-duty Balanced Split Elastomer Bellows Seal for Agitators, Mixers and Pumps

The Type 37FSB fully split mechanical seal helps significantly reduce maintenance on larger, difficult-to-seal equipment. It is recommended for use on...

Type 5610/5610Q/5610L

Universal Cartridge Seal Family — Single Cartridge O-Ring Seal

5610 lg

The first truly universal cartridge seal, the Type 5610 will change your approach to sealing. Since the 5600 Series components...

Type SB1

Single, Heavy-duty Cartridge Seals


The Safeseal Type SB1 is a single-cartridge seal for use with clean fluids and lubricants. It is versatile and...

Type SB2

Heavy-duty Dual-cartridge Seals

The Safeseal Type SB2 is a dual-cartridge seal. Its double-balanced design ensures the reliability and longevity of the...


Single Cartridge O-ring Seal


Designed to reduce installation time and errors, the compactness of the FFET cartridge seal ensures that it will fit all ANSI...

Type 4111

Single-use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal

T4111 Single-use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal

Suitable for DIN and ANSI pumps using aqueous solutions, engineered to simplify installation, reduce maintenance and save on overall costs.


Abrasive Service Aramid and Meta-aramid Packings

k1730 k1760 k1761 k1771 lg

John Crane styles K1730, K1760, K1761 and K1771 are constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers. Servicing a wide range of...


Abrasive Service Polyimide Packings

1345 1349 lg

John Crane styles 1345, 1349 and 1349HC are constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers. These packings service a wide...


Abrasive, Chemical and Extrusion-resistant Packings

c1061 c1064 c1065P c1072 lg

John Crane styles C1061, C1064, C1072 and 1993 are ideal for abrasive services where packing extrusion and sleeve or shaft...


General-service Braided Graphite Packings

1320 1336 1340 lg

John Crane styles 894, 1336 and 1340 are cost-effective graphite general-service packing constructed of the highest-quality synthetic fibers and...


General-service Braided Synthetic Packings

1330 1332 1335 c1061 lg

John Crane styles 1330, 1332, 1335 and C1061 are cost-effective general-service packings constructed of the highest-quality synthetic fibers and lubricants....

A Series Close-coupled Arrangement

Close-coupled Wrap-fit Urethane Element Coupling


John Crane A Series couplings provide a solution to one of the most persistent and troublesome problems facing maintenance personnel: periodic...

L Series

General-purpose All-metal Membrane Coupling


L series range of membrane couplings has been specifically designed to provide a cost-effective solution for demanding industrial applications....


Compact in-line seal water filter


SafeJet is an automatic seal water filter. Its operation is based on “flow-through” filter technology, which utilizes reliable laminar filtering...

Safeunit™ Ultima

Seal Water Control and Monitoring System


Safeunit Ultima is specially designed to control seal water flow and pressure in extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for...


Intelligent Seal Water Control System


Smartflow intelligent seal water control system uses seal water only when the mechanical seal truly requires cooling. The purpose of...

Process Filtration

Often your very method of production will introduce contamination to your process, whether from imperfect ingredients, necessary reagents or process equipment, and in order to…

Filter Skids

Seebach filter skids are used in underground mining. These are filters installed on standard consoles that are built completely with pipes or hoses so they…


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