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Though the wide range of equipment required by the chemical industry poses a challenge, it’s one well met by John Crane. We have hands-on experience with virtually every style and standard of rotating equipment, and we’ve developed a broad range of solutions with proven application success:

  • Cartridge seals and support systems that meet global standards
  • Products for use on non-metallic or glass-coated equipment
  • Seals in exotic alloys that accommodate highly corrosive and abrasive applications
  • Innovative filtration of process flow to ensure required process purity
  • ATEX-compliant
  • FDA-recognized seal faces and elastomers

Plus, our 200 global rapid-response facilities ensure that our chemical industry customers are never far from service, repair or support.

A History of Innovation

Our dedication to innovative applied engineering is reflected in both our technology and our product range. In 1993, we built the industry’s most advanced testing center to qualify designs to the API 682 specification. Since then, we’ve also developed cartridge seals that are modular and those that provide zero-emissions operations. We’re committed to maintaining our position at the forefront of innovation and meeting our customers evolving needs through ongoing research and development.

Chemical Application Products

Specialized applications such as aggressive acids, dewatering chemicals and high-pressure, high-speed polymerizing fluids require extensive materials research and proven designs. John Crane products are specifically developed to meet the unique needs of customers in the chemical processing industry:

Non-Contacting Seals

Type 2800EX Cartridge Seal: Capable of handling up to 20% by volume solid in suspension

Type 2800 Series: Polymerization-mitigating seal that eliminates frictional heat and reduces emissions by up to 92%

Metal Bellows Seals

Type 670 Metal Bellows: Extremely durable in aggressive environments

Type 680 Metal Bellows: Provide corrosion resistance in low-temperature applications

GL1B Metal Bellows: Made with Inconel 625 for strength and corrosion resistance

Type 609 Metal Bellows with Grafoil: Heat transfer-specific; ideal for pumps with limited seal chamber clearance

Type 2609HTL/3609HTL: Dual Unpressurized and Pressurized Rotating Bellows Cartridge Seals

Type 285: Gas-lubricated, Non-contacting Single Seal For Cryogenic Pumps

Slurry Seals

Type 5860 Slurry Seal: Heavy duty for the harshest abrasive slurry environments

O-ring Pusher Seals

Type 48SC: Provides emissions compliance with reduced cost of ownership

Type 5600 Cartridge Seal: Modular design that allows unmatched versatility and reduced inventory

Vessel and Agitator Seals

Type 7700 Modular Wet or Dry Running Face-to-Face Cartridge Seal: The heavy-duty Type 7700 is design-specific to serve critically important vessels in batch or continuous processes

Type 7828 Modular Gas-lubricated Cartridge Seal: The 7800 family consists of heavy-duty, dual-pressurized, back-to-back, pusher cartridge seals designed for mixing and agitating equipment

Type CK 725 Mixer and Agitator Cartridge Seal to Vessel Seal Standard DIN 28138: The Type CK 725 is a dual-pressurized, liquid-lubricated cartridge seal for top-entry mixing and agitating equipment

Type CK 726 Mixer and Agitator Cartridge Seal to Vessel Seal Standard DIN 28138: The Type CK 726 is a dual, pressurized, liquid-lubricated cartridge seal for top-entry mixing and agitating equipment.

Type CK 728 High-performance Modular Mixer and Agitator Seal for Steel Chemical Reaction Vessels: Type CK 728 is a versatile, high-performance cartridge seal solution for steel vessels applicable in various industries, including high-purity pharmaceutical application

Type CK 736 Mixer and Agitator Cartridge Seal to Vessel Seal Standard DIN 2813: The Type CK 736 is a dual-pressurized, liquid-lubricated cartridge seal for glass-lined mixing and agitating equipment with top-entry agitator shaft.

Type CK 738 High-performance Modular Mixer and Agitator Cartridge Seal for Glass-lined Chemical Reaction Vessels: Type CK 738 is a versatile, high-performance cartridge seal solution for glass-lined vessels applicable in various industries, including high-purity pharmaceutical application

Type 32 Mixer and Agitator Seals: Cleaning-in-place or sterilization-in-place (CIP/SIP) seal; excellent for operation in vacuum conditions

Seal Support Systems

WCH/WCV/K2S: Water-cooled heat exchangers for use where water is readily available

GR1/1C: General duty reservoir that can withstand pressure up to 16.3 bar while providing buffer/barrier fluid to a dual-seal arrangement

GR2/2C: General duty reservoir that can withstand pressure up to 30 bar while providing buffer/barrier fluid to a dual-seal arrangement

GR3/3C: General duty reservoir that can withstand pressure up to 73 bar (stainless steel) or 62 bar (carbon steel) while providing buffer/barrier fluid to a dual-seal arrangement

GP-S/GP-D: Non-API gas control panel for filtering, regulating and monitoring gas supply to gas-lubricated pump seals

Cyclone Separators: Typically used in an API Plan 31 arrangement and incorporated in the seal flush line (API Plan 11) from the discharge of the pump

Safeunit Ultima: Specially designed to control seal water flow and pressure in extreme conditions

Safeclean: Removes impurities and particles, providing clean seal water for stuffing boxes and mechanical seals

Power Transmission Couplings

A Series: Urethane element couplings known for quick installation without moving prime mover or driven equipment

L Series: Designed for demanding industrial applications with a scalloped hub for the shaft

H Series: High-performance couplings designed for unspared machines

TSKS/TSCS: Designed to give the most flexible solution for high-torque and misalignment conditions. Ideally suited to meet the pumping, motor, and turbine drive power transmission needs of the chemical industries.


Style C1065: Chemlon Graphite Fiber, ideal for controlled leakage and extrusion resistance at high pressures and shaft speeds

Style 387I: A special high-temperature/pressure and corrosion-inhibited valve stem packing

Style 1625G: High-temperature graphite braided packing that offers dimensional stability, reduced process contamination and ease of use

Style 1335: Cost-effective, general-service packing constructed of the highest-quality synthetic fibers and lubricants

Style 1340: Cost-effective, general-service graphited packing designed to handle a wide range of fluids at moderate to high temperatures, pressures and shaft speeds

Style CVU/CVH: Automatic packings containing no lubricants or dispersions, well suited for non-contaminating services

MLS Series: Cartridge seals designed for rotary positive displacement pumps handling high-viscosity fluids

Filtration Systems

Liquid Filtration: Filters designed for almost any liquid application, from lubrication, hydraulic or bearing oil systems to water injection systems

Seal Gas Filtration: Removes liquid and particle contamination to allow continuous supply of clean, dry gas

Fuel-Gas-Filtration: Individually tailored for maximum reliability, regardless of the condition of the supply gas

Fuel Oil Filtration: Patented elements that remove water and particle contamination for maximum reliability

Double 3-way and 6-way Transfer Valves: Provides continuous operation while one side receives maintenance

Filter Elements: Patented design for maximum performance and running time between change outs

John Crane’s Seebach Filtration Systems, Elements and Customized Filtration Solutions are used in the chemical industry for processing reagents, such as separating impurities or undissolved substances from solutions, and for processing reaction mixtures.

Chemical Industry Services

In addition to our highly engineered chemical seals, couplings and support systems, John Crane also offers a range of services designed to help improve reliability and reduce total cost of ownership:

Equipment Service

John Crane Equipment Service assists with critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance as well as repair, removal and reinstallation services.

Reliability Support

John Crane Reliability Support services assess equipment reliability and performance, analyze root cause failures and recommend strategies for improvement.

Asset Management

John Crane Asset Management software offers customers a holistic view of their current systems to help spot unleveraged opportunities.


John Crane provides a wide range of training courses that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components.