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Pulp and Paper Processing

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In the pulp and paper processing industry, efficiency and reliability are key to controlling expenses because they help reduce the amount of energy required by critical processes. John Crane maximizes both — and helps companies meet strict pollution regulations — with engineered components and seal support systems that limit emissions, tolerate high temperatures and reduce water consumption. Plus, our 200+ rapid-response facilities can also minimize unplanned downtime by providing service, repair and support worldwide.

We deliver proven mechanical seal technologies and services that improve manufacturing performance through:

  • increased operational reliability
  • improved equipment uptime
  • fewer maintenance interventions
  • reduced seal water usage

Cost-saving Technology

The John Crane product line specific to pulp and paper includes the SmartFlow intelligent seal support system, a revolutionary control system that reduces the amount of water used to lubricate seal faces. By limiting water consumption, pulp and paper processing companies not only save on their water bills, they can also cut any costs associated with filtration and treatment processes — resulting in significant cost savings overall. We also offer modular seals — such as our 5600 Series — that are standardized for use across the entire paper mill, and split seals (37FS) that allow for easy replacement without having to dismantle large equipment such as pulpers, agitators and fan pumps.

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Pulp and Paper Industry Services

John Crane services can help extend the life of pulp and paper processing applications and increase production by limiting unplanned downtime and identifying opportunities for improvement:

Maintenance and Repair Services

John Crane’s Maintenance and Repair Services assists with critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance as well as repair, removal and reinstallation services.

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Mechanical Seals Reliability Programs

John Crane’s Mechanical Seals Reliability Programs assess equipment reliability and performance, analyze root cause failures and recommend strategies for improvement.

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Asset Management Solutions

John Crane’s Asset Management software offers customers a holistic view of their current systems to help spot unleveraged opportunities.

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Product Training

John Crane provides a wide range of training courses that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components.

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Pulp and Paper Processing 产品

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Type 5610/5610Q/5610L

Universal Cartridge Seal Family — Single Cartridge O-Ring Seal

The first truly universal cartridge seal, the Type 5610 will change your approach to sealing. Since the 5600 Series components...

Type JCS1

Integrated Single Seal for Demanding Conditions

Safeseal JCS1 is a rugged, pump-integrated single seal designed for clean and lubricating fluids such as water, oils, solvents and...

Type SE1

Single Mechanical Seals for Sulzer Process Pumps

SE1 V4

The Safeseal Type SE1 is a customer-fitted (OEM standard) single, balanced component or cartridge seal designed for clean and lubricating...

Type JCS2

Integrated Double Mechanical Seal for Demanding Conditions

JCS2P Sulzer 1

Type JCS2 seals are designed to be used in pumps for environmentally hazardous and abrasive liquids when operating limits for...

Type SE2

Dual Mechanical Seals for Sulzer Process Pumps

SE2 V3

The Safeseal Type SE2 is a customer-fitted (OEM standard) dual, balanced cartridge seal designed for the severe applications found in...

Type SB1

Single, Heavy-duty Cartridge Seals


The Safeseal Type SB1 is a single-cartridge seal for use with clean fluids and lubricants. It is versatile and...

Type 3740

Advanced Design, Wet-running Cartridge O-ring Split Seal


The Type 3740 mechanical seal is a family of split seals using the latest modular split seal technology from John Crane that...

Type 37FS

Heavy-duty Split Elastomer Bellows Seal for Agitators, Mixers and Pumps

37FS lg

The Type 37FS fully split mechanical seal helps significantly reduce maintenance on larger, difficult-to-seal equipment. It is recommended for use on...


Abrasive Service Aramid and Meta-aramid Packings

k1730 k1760 k1761 k1771 lg

John Crane styles K1730, K1761 and K1771 are constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers. Servicing a wide range of...


Abrasive Service Polyimide Packings

1345 1349 lg

John Crane styles 1345 and 1349 are constructed of high-tensile strength, abrasion-resistant fibers. These packings service a wide...


Braided Graphite PTFE Packing

c1065 c1070 sm

John Crane C1065 (Chemlon Graphite Fiber) and C1070 combine the chemical-resistant and low-friction generation characteristics of continuous PTFE filament yarns...


Food and Pharmaceutical PTFE Braided Packings

c1056 c1057 lg

John Crane styles C1056 and C1057 are specifically designed to service the food and beverage as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries...


Refiner Packing Set

John Crane Packing RPS44

John Crane RPS44 is a packing designed for paper refiners. Made from expanded PTFE (with encapsulated graphite) and polyamide yarns,...


Seal Water Control and Monitoring System

Safeunit will create the best possible operating environment for seals

Safeunit is a complete monitoring and control solution for seals and seal water systems. Installing the Safeunit seal water system...

Safeunit™ Ultima

Seal Water Control and Monitoring System


Safeunit Ultima is specially designed to control seal water flow and pressure in extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for...


Intelligent Seal Water Control System


Smartflow intelligent seal water control system uses seal water only when the mechanical seal truly requires cooling. The purpose of...


Compact in-line seal water filter


SafeJet is an automatic seal water filter. Its operation is based on “flow-through” filter technology, which utilizes reliable laminar filtering...

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