Meeting New Environmental Standards

Protecting the environment is a priority for many plant operators, especially those in energy services and other major process industries. But with how often environmental standards change and evolve, compliance can become confusing and costly. By partnering with John Crane, our customers gain the benefit of our applied engineering expertise when it comes to solving environmental challenges in a cost-effective manner. 

We can help with meeting the latest environmental standards when:

The government mandates stricter standards.

When it comes to emission reduction technology, John Crane has the greatest depth and breadth of products that provide effective solutions for meeting environmental and safety requirements, such as environmental legislation regarding the control of fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and volatile hazardous air pollutants (VHAP).

Many of our products incorporate Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT), which is designed to provide reliable containment of toxic, carcinogenic and hazardous VOCs and VHAPs, as well as comply with industry standards such as the American Petroleum Institute’s recognized standards (API/ISO 21049). Our non-contacting seal technology, in particular, allows near-zero emissions to help our customers meet or exceed stringent standards for hazardous emissions. We also have nearly 100 years of innovation and manufacturing experience backing our ongoing research and development of emission-free products.

In many cases, existing equipment can be upgraded, converted or retrofitted to meet new standards; in those cases, we can apply our expertise to arrive at the optimal solution.

Proactive equipment reliability and systems management is desired.

We offer several services geared toward proactive measures — the most comprehensive being our Reliability Support and Asset Management services. These services collect performance data and assess entire systems to help prevent failures that could cause damage to the environment. Our Equipment Service identifies environmental non-compliance by performing regular system health checks.  

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