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John Crane Wins 3-Year Service Agreement from Suzano

CHICAGO (26 June, 2014) – Suzano Pulp and Paper has awarded John Crane a three-year Mechanical Seals Reliability Program contract, which covers professional field services and management of 1,700 rotating equipment assets to increase uptime and efficiency at four Suzano Pulp and Paper production sites in Brazil. The program will also include on-site technical training for Suzano´s maintenance and operations teams, and implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track performance improvements and cost savings.

On-site technicians will be based at each of the Mucuri, Suzano, Limeira and Imperatriz production sites to perform proactive, preventive and corrective maintenance on mechanical seals used on their rotating equipment. John Crane will be responsible for maximizing performance and improving the reliability of Suzano’s equipment to reduce total cost of ownership and extend the average time between repairs. Suzano will also benefit from the high-performance technology used in John Crane’s seals, which will control water usage and reduce water consumption.  

John Donatiello, Global Vice President of End User Sales and Service at John Crane, said: “We are proud to be entrusted with this strategic agreement and are committed to increasing Suzano’s internal efficiencies. We’ve delivered substantial increases in reliability with many of our customers, correlating to a reduction in maintenance spend and a lower total cost of ownership. We look forward to leveraging this experience and technical expertise to contribute to Suzano’s success.”

Mechanical Seals Reliability is John Crane’s premier service level program, which focuses on improving efficiency and reducing operating costs for customers. Some of the benefits include asset management to lower total cost of ownership and reliability services to improve mechanical seal performance. It’s common for customers to significantly reduce their maintenance costs while engaged in a Mechanical Seals Reliability Program. John Crane has 15 years of experience implementing more than 170 Mechanical Seals Reliability agreements. Currently, the company has 150 reliability engineers and technicians placed full time at customer sites to maintain equipment, perform daily maintenance and provide technical expertise.

Suzano Pulp and Paper is part of Suzano Group, the second-largest eucalyptus pulp producer in the world, and a leader in the paper market in Brazil and South America. The 90-year-old company commercializes and sells pulp and paper in countries all over the world.

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