Upstream Pumping

Transforming the traditional concept of sealing

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Applying gas seal spiral groove technology to wet seals

Overcome the Toughest Applications to Boost Equipment Longevity

Tackle High Heat Generation, Low-Lubricity, and Intermittent Dry-Running Conditions

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Dynamic Lift USP MTBR

Product Information

We answer operators’ toughest challenges, improving seal and pump reliability, preventing unplanned downtime and reducing operating costs across a broad range of process industries, including:

John Crane’s unique, engineered, non-contacting Upstream Pumping face technology borrows from gas seal designs to deliver a breakthrough in liquid sealing technology. This allows operators to:

  • Improve mechanical seal life
  • Increase mean time between repair (MTBR)
  • Reduce seal leakage to atmosphere when compared to a pressurized dual seal
  • Allow a clean inboard face fluid interface, even with dirty product
  • Deliver a simple support system ensuring face lubrication without the cost of a pressurized barrier system
  • Prevent solid build-up with slurries, scaling fluids or solids in suspension
  • Eliminate seal face flush to dissipate seal heat, reducing water usage
  • Address low water supply pressure challenges
  • Reduce power consumption and heat generation due to non-contacting technology

Mechanical seals using Upstream Pumping seal face technology have support system requirements unique from traditional dual mechanical seals. A standardized support system is available to supply our standard Upstream Pumping seals. Using one of these systems eliminates the need to design a custom system, saving costs, making operation simple and minimizing space requirements. For more information on the GS USP–R and GS USP–D click the corresponding link.

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