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ZMH Series

M Series Multiple Membrane Straight Diaphragm Stainless Steel Coupling with Composite Spacer for Cooling Tower Applications

John Crane’s Metastream® ZMH Series is specifically designed for the humid and corrosive atmosphere of a cooling tower, with its lightweight filament wound composite spacer tube, stainless steel pre-assembled packs, stainless steel hubs and hardware. The coupling provides a strong level of angular, lateral and axial misalignment, while maintaining a high level of balance integrity. In the unlikely event of membrane (disc) failure due to a torque overload or excessive misalignment, the coupling will disconnect the drive and run on the safety bush in the pre-assembled packs, permitting the driven machine to safely come to rest without further damage to the equipment. With the ZMH design disconnecting the drive once an upset condition has occurred this will alert you to an issue with your equipment, which will help prevent costly and time-consuming fixes to the coupling, fan blade, and cooling tower. Due to the pre-assembled packs on the ZMH, replacing the damaged part is quickly done with minimum costs.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Computer-controlled, filament-wound, matrix torque tube with stainless steel hubs, hardware and disc packs.
  • Eliminates intermediate bearings for shaft separation (DBSE) up to 14.5ft/4.4m.
  • Ease of installation — no crane required.
  • Minimum downtime, optimum reliability.
  • Stainless steel construction of all components, other than the spacer.
  • Tube design virtually eliminates thermal expansion and sag.
  • Corrosion-resistant to cooling tower environment and temperatures up to 300°F/150°C.
  • Piloted fit of hub to disc pack to torque tube assures dynamic balance retention.
  • Unique disc pack spokes are designed to shear if torque overload or excessive misalignment conditions occur, protecting expensive motor and gear.
  • Increases machinery life.
  • Minimizes weight of drive shafting up to 80% lighter than equivalent steel torque tubes.

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