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Indufil® High-pressure Seal Gas Filtration

Most centrifugal compressors today use dry gas seals to contain high-pressure gas, whether on a high-pressure reinjection duty or a low-pressure pipeline machine.

Seal reliability depends upon a continuous supply of clean, dry gas. Indufil's specially designed filters remove liquid and particle contamination and maximize reliable seal operation.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Bolted, compact design with double O-ring sealing at every joint for double safety.
  • Patented double block and bleed transfer valve arrangement.
  • Liquid collection reservoirs, level gauges and switches can be easily incorporated into the filter unit.
  • Coalescing stages remove liquids in the gas stream to ensure the gas is suitably dry.
  • The filter assembly can be panel- or skid-mounted.


Standard Materials

Stainless steel 316(L)

Higher-grade materials

Pressure Limits

14.500 psi(g)/1000 bar(g)

Certified to

ASME VIII — U-stamp

European PED — CE mark

Chinese Manufacturing License

Russian GOST compliance

Brazilian NR-13

Australian AS1210


Filter Efficiency

Particle filtration down to 1 micron with efficiencies up to 99.9% (ß1>1000)

Liquid removal down to 0.01 ppm

Recommended Applications

  • 离心压缩机

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