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We can help our clients master the skills, competence and confidence that we believe can create a positive impact in productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. Mobius Institute our reliability and condition monitoring training partner, helps condition monitoring, maintenance and asset reliability practitioners, business leaders, and strategic partners achieve the next level of success through engaging education.

Rotating machinery, electrical equipment, and practically every other type of equipment our clients operate provide an indication when failure is initiated, for example, when the bearing has the smallest crack forming. While it is necessary to understand how equipment fails, as a general comment, we can achieve anywhere from weeks, months, and even years of warning before failure occurs. That enables us to establish a corrective maintenance plan and schedule the work at the optimal time in order to reduce spare parts holding costs, the time required to perform the corrective maintenance, and the impact on production. Avoiding catastrophic failure obviously reduces the safety and environmental risks, and the possibility of secondary damage. Proper planning increases the quality of the work performed and reduces safety risks for the person performing the work.

An organization with skilled condition monitoring technicians and analysts experiences lower maintenance costs and higher plant reliability. Condition monitoring allows us to detect the onset of failure and detect when the conditions exist that will cause future failures. Coupled with an effective planning and scheduling process, maintenance costs and production downtime can be dramatically reduced.

It takes skill and dedication

But it takes a skilled group of technicians and analysts to conduct the right tests, at the right time, and correctly diagnose the problem and assess the severity. And it takes a skilled leader to manage the condition monitoring program to ensure everyone is trained and certified and the program is established correctly.

What sets Mobius Institute training apart?

The training courses are unique due to the thousands of simulations and 3D Animations.

Mobius provides videos and material of the training modules that students can access before the classroom course, and for 6 months after the course, this is called the “Learning Zone”.

The training courses can be delivered in different formats such as:

  • Classroom courses
  • Virtual-instructor-led courses
  • Video-based courses
  • E-Learning through iLearnReliability

Mobius Institute is independent of all vibration monitoring system vendors – well aligned with JC internal strategy.

Mobius Institute Board of Certification

  • ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited
  • Providing globally recognized certification to Category I-IV vibration analysts in accordance with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2 and certification for Asset Reliability Practitioners
  • Reliability and Vibration Analysis training
  • ISO certification to customers

Education and certification are key to success

Help our clients grow the business by delivering training, education, and certification.

As Mobius accredited partner we deliver courses and administering the exams.

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