API 692 for Dry Gas Seals | John Crane

API 692 for Dry Gas Seals

In this webinar on Dry Gas Seals and Seal Gas Filtration, Mark Slotnick shares the John Crane in-depth understanding of the newest API standard and its implication for all segments of the Oil & Gas industry. 

Taking a close look at:

•           Comparison to earlier API standards

•           Interpretation and considerations

•           Essential documentation and communications



Mark Slotnick has worked in the rotating equipment industry for over 35 years. 14 years at Chevron refining as a machinery millwright and rotating equipment reliability engineer, and 25 years at John Crane. As a senior sales engineer at John Crane, Mark was responsible for Dry Gas seals at Solar Turbines in San Diego as well as many other US compressor OEM’s. Mark is currently responsible for corporate account gas seal business development in the Americas and an active member of the API 692 task force.

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