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PD 65A/PD 65B

Leakage Detection

Used to detect and monitor leakage of the inboard seal, these seal support systems can detect liquid leakage (API Plans 65 and 75) or gas leakage (API Plan 76), or a mixture of gas and liquid leakage (API Plan 75). A PD 65 (API Plan 65) leakage detection system is used with single-seal applications to capture and monitor liquid seal leakage.


  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Cost-effective monitoring of single seal liquid leakage.
  • PD 65 A utilizes a level transmitter fitted to the reservoir to trigger an alarm on excessive leakage and includes a loop to bypass an orifice (to prevent high pressure on the atmospheric side of the seal).
  • PD 65B also uses a level transmitter, but to alarm when the reservoir is full, and includes a loop to bypass an isolation valve (to prevent high pressure on the atmospheric side of the seal).


Matériaux standard

Acier inoxydable 316/L

Tuyauterie/Canalisations : Acier inoxydable 316/L


1 gallon américain/3,8 litres

Applications recommandées

  • Pompes de traitement
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