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Our Journey into Hydrogen Technologies

At John Crane, we are committed to investing in new hydrogen sealing, hydrogen filtration, digital solutions and technologies to support businesses in achieving their hydrogen goals. This includes working with external partners such as Hydrogen Europe to create hydrogen technologies, standards, and policies, and accelerate the development of hydrogen ecosystems worldwide.  

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Market Leader in Hydrogen Sealing Technologies

Proven Hydrogen Experience

We are a market leader in enabling hydrogen technologies

40+ Years

We have more than 40 years of proven experience in sealing hydrogen in refining, pipeline and chemical applications

5,000+ Units

More than 5,000 seals, filters, couplings and systems installed today in hydrogen applications

600,000+ Units

Estimated number of seals, filters and couplings required to deliver the 2050 International Energy Agency (IEA) sustainable development hydrogen forecast

Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Technologies

Enabling Canada’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Facility

John Crane was selected to provide sealing technologies for one of the world’s largest blue hydrogen production sites located in Alberta, Canada. The project demonstrated blue hydrogen and carbon capture technologies from the facility’s steam methane reformer units. The site is now capturing up to ~1.2 million tonnes (Mt) per year of carbon dioxide, which is then transported and permanently stored over two kilometers below the earth’s surface in a deep saline aquifer.

Seal Performance Delivered Reliability in Hydrogen Applications

Since becoming operational in 2015, John Crane’s pump seals and seal support systems provided have operated in line with expectations and have consistently delivered a high Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR). This enables reliable and clean operations for the end user.

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~6 million tonnes (Mt) and counting

Total carbon emissions captured since 2015

Products and solutions for hydrogen applications

Gas Seals and Systems

We have installed more than 3,500 gas seals and panels worldwide in hydrogen applications ranging from 10% blend to 100% H2.

Dry Gas Seals Gas Seal Systems Gas Conditioning Units GCU Centrifugal Seal Gas Booster

Wet Seals and Systems

More than 1,000 wet seals and systems installed in refining, chemical, and food and beverage applications ranging from API to ANSI design standards.

Metal Bellows Seals Vessel and Agitator Seals O-Ring Pusher Seals Wet Seal Systems


In hydrogen applications, filtration is key to meeting cleanliness levels. Our filtration and gas preparation products purify water and remove compressor oils, hydrocarbons and moisture. This ensures the cleanest production of hydrogen and protects critical components.

FCF Seal Gas Filtration Fuel Gas Filtration Liquid Filtration Replacement Filter Elements


Our power transmission couplings are designed to be high-performing across a range of applications. We are currently investing in ultra high-speed ranges to meet the design requirements of future hydrogen needs.

Turbomachinery Couplings API Couplings

Asset Management

Our asset management team provides proven maintenance and reliability improvements to rotating equipment installed and operating in hydrogen applications.

Asset Management Solutions

John Crane Sense®

Our digital monitoring and predictive analytics solutions help to increase reliability and reduce the operating cost of rotating equipment operating in hydrogen applications.

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