Type 609HTC

High-temperature, Corrosion-resistant Rotating Bellows Assembly Utilizing "HTC" Technology

The Type 609HTC is a high-temperature bellows assembly intended for those demanding applications where a dependable, high-strength, rotating seal is preferred. Typical applications for these seals include hydrocarbons, aromatic fractionation products, crude oil fractionation products and heat transfer fluids, as well as chemicals, caustics, some acids, aqueous solutions and lubricating liquids. This seal utilizes "HTC" technology with an all-Inconel, corrosion-resistant welded metal bellows for reliably sealing fluids in harsh high-temperature, corrosive environments and, at the same time, provides superior face stability at elevated temperatures. This all-Inconel seal is ideally suited for applications that contain organic acids (naphthenic acid), and sulfur compounds that attack most other alloys at high temperatures. The Type 609HTC is utilized in our Type 2609HTC and Type 3609HTC API 682 Type C Arrangement 2 and 3 cartridge seals.



  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Utilizes HTC high-temperature, corrosion-resistant welded metal bellows technology to reliably seal fluids in harsh high-temperature corrosive environments.
  • The Type HTC provides superior face stability at elevated temperatures.
  • API 682 qualified.
  • Rotating bellows with narrow radial cross-section that fits most popular pump models without modification.
  • All-Inconel metallurgy — meets NACE MR0175/MR0103.
  • ID and OD pressure capability — withstands reverse pressurization.
  • Thermally compliant Primary Ring Adapter.
  • Pressure compensating Primary Ring.
  • John Crane edge-welded metal bellows with optimum 45-degree tilt angle.
  • Silicon carbide composite.
  • Available in single and dual cartridge arrangements.
  • DOUBLE-PLY version available for higher-pressure applications.
  • Hard faces available for abrasive applications.

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