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  1. 1911

    Engineer John Crane installs his metallic packing material on a boiler feeder pump at Standard Oil building at 910 S. Michigan, Chicago. It is still working as of July 1919.

  2. 1916


    Condenser packing for steamships and automotive packing for vehicle water pumps are launched in vehicles like the vintage Stanley Steamer shown here.

  3. 1917 - 1952

    1917 - 1952

    Frank E. Payne serves as first president and CEO of Crane Packing. Crane Packing Company is incorporated in Illinois on March 9, headquartered at 9A S. Clinton St., Chicago.

  4. 1920 - 1923

    1920 - 1923

    Expansion continues in:

    • Slough, England, with Crane Packing Ltd.
    • Windsor, Canada (automotive)
    • Italy (condenser packing for Italian navy)

    Pictured: Slough, England.

  5. 1926


    U.S. Navy chooses Crane Packing metallic packing surface condensers for its ships.

  6. 1928


    Crane Packing’s metallic water pump packing is the factory standard for Chevrolets, Fords and other automobiles – 25 million vehicles by the mid-1930s.

  7. 1936


    With World War II looming, Crane Packing Ltd. in England is sold to management to better support the war efforts.

  8. 1937


    The lapping process is developed to ensure the proper face profile for extended seal life.

  9. 1942


    Crane Packing opens a sales office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  10. 1943


    Types 1, 2 and 3 seals are introduced in the 1940’s.

  11. 1948


    John Crane launches CHEMLON, a Teflon-based packing material for pumps, valves, hydraulic fittings and cylinders, coaxial cables and gaskets. This product will be in high demand for the rapidly growing oil & gas and chemical industries.

  12. 1951


    Crane Packing buys 26 acres of land in Morton Grove, Illinois for its main office as well as manufacturing. The facility opens in 1952 and is expanded several times over the next 15 years.

  13. 1952 - 1976

    1952 - 1976

    Karl V. Rohlen becomes second president and CEO of Crane Packing.

  14. 1956


    Main office, laboratory, and cafeteria are completed in Morton Grove, IL.

  15. 1958


    Crane Packing receives two key patents for rotary mechanical seals: U.S. Patent 2851291 and U.S. Patent 2859988.

  16. 1964


    Further demonstrating our family culture, John Crane employees are featured in an edition of the “Stuffing Box” historic newsletter being recognized for superior quality workmanship.

  17. 1976 - 1982

    1976 - 1982

    Harry Tankus becomes third president and CEO of Crane Packing.

  18. 1986


    Demonstrating the John Crane family legacy, Tony Yates, age 7, son of Jan Yates (employee), submitted a drawing for the holiday drawing contest in John Crane’s “Stuffing Box” newsletter. Tony Yates grew up to become a John Crane Plant Manager in the Morton Grove, IL facility, making him the third generation of Yates family members to work for John Crane (Tony Yates Sr., Jan Yates, and Tony Yates Jr.).

  19. 1987


    Tube Investments (TI) Group acquires total ownership of John Crane to form the new John Crane International.

  20. 2001


    John Crane introduces Type 2100 heavy-duty elastomer bellows seal, strengthening our position in the commercial and industrial pool and spa market.

  21. 2003


    First SmartFlow intelligent seal water control device launches (patented in 2006) using seal water when the mechanical seal requires cooling, satisfying the increasing need to protect our environment and reduce seal water usage and associated costs. In 2007, Smartflow will be awarded the United Nations' Best Environmental Initiative award in Australia.

  22. 2008


    Purchase of Indufil BV adds filtration systems and filter elements to the product portfolio.

  23. 2009


    The next-generation of modular, mechanical split seal cartridge, Type 3740 is introduced.

  24. 2011


    Turbo Components & Engineering (TCE) is acquired for aftermarket bearings expertise.

  25. 2016


    In November, to focus on the core business, 2016 John Crane divests John Crane Production Solutions (JCPS), specializing in artificial lift equipment and services for upstream oil & gas.