Decreasing Cost of Ownership

The simplest way to limit the total cost of ownership (TCO) for equipment is to find a trustworthy supplier. A supplier that has its client’s best interests in mind will go above and beyond to find the most reliable, rather than the cheapest, component for the job. John Crane is known for being a trusted advisor when it comes to supplying reliable, mission-critical components — so much so that many companies view us more as an internal employee than a supplier. 

We can help lower TCO if:

An OEM needs to reduce warranty claims.

We can help extend overall application life by custom-engineering parts to reduce wear and tear on related components. In addition to providing parts for specific OEM applications, John Crane can also provide services to end users on behalf of OEMs.

Lowering maintenance costs is a priority.

By condensing all of our engineering expertise and systems knowledge into a single specialized team, we can streamline service and repair to reduce overall costs.  Similarly, a system that relies on John Crane products for multiple components lowers its total cost of ownership by gaining improved reliability, extended application life and increased Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR).

Along with our 200 global rapid-response facilities, we also offer maintenance and operator training to help facilities limit the costs of unplanned downtime by getting back up and running quickly.

Consolidating suppliers would result in improved pricing.

Combining multiple John Crane services and products offers not only greater reliability, but superior cost efficiency as well. Because we understand the relationship between critical components on the shaft line, we’re able to better coordinate service and supplies to maximize reliability, limit downtime and reduce overall cost of ownership. 

Project viability depends on component costs and revenue potential.

Finding the most affordable way to complete a project is something we’ve been doing for nearly 100 years. We can partner with capital and strategic project managers to meet reliability and performance goals while staying within budget constraints and lowering the TCO.

Existing equipment could benefit from upgrades or new innovations.

We have a long history of innovation and pride ourselves on offering customers improved reliability with the latest products and materials to come out of our testing centers. We can assess the risk vs. reward of potential retrofits, conversions or upgrades.

Reducing fuel costs and power consumption would also improve efficiency.

We’re always working on new ways to cut energy consumption, and many of our products are designed to reduce fuel costs while simultaneously improving efficiency. Our Turbosolutions Group even has specific competency with increasing steam turbine efficiency.

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