Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Plays a Key Role to Net Zero

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CCUS is expected to play a significant role in putting the world on the path to net zero emissions. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that CCUS can contribute ~9% of total carbon dioxide reduction in its Sustainable Development Scenario. CCUS is a viable solution to reduce emissions in energy intensive sectors such as natural gas processing, chemical, cement and other industries, and is a cost-effective pathway in countries with a large existing fossil fuel infrastructure.

At John Crane, we believe CCUS solutions will play a fundamental role in the low-carbon energy transition and are working with some of our largest oil and gas customers and OEM partners to accelerate its deployment.

While new carbon dioxide capture technologies are paramount to successful CCUS deployment, investing in reliable and safe transport and storage infrastructure for CO2 is equally important. That is why at John Crane, we are actively investing in new carbon dioxide sealing and filtration technologies including next-generation sealing for supercritical CO2 and liquid removal from CO2 fluid stream.

Our Approach

Our Experience

We Are a Market Leader Enabling CCUS

25+ Years

We have more than 25 years of proven experience in carbon capture across natural gas, hydrogen, ammonia and other process industries

250+ Units

We have installed more than 250 dry gas seals compressing carbon dioxide in supercritical and non-supercritical states

~80% of CO2 Injection

80% of CO2 injected underground (either sequestered or used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR)) in existing CCUS sites uses John Crane dry gas seals

Case Studies

Enabling Australia’s Largest Carbon Capture and Storage Facility

John Crane was selected to provide dry gas sealing technologies for a joint venture of international oil and gas companies developing a major liquified natural gas field off the Australian coast. The project would capture up to ~4 million tonnes per year of carbon dioxide, which is then transported and permanently stored more than 1.5 kilometers underground. Reliably capturing and storing the CO2 presented the project with considerable compressor sealing challenges, including handling supercritical fluids and volatile temperature and pressure conditions.

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Seal Performance Has Delivered High Reliability

Since the compressor trains became operational in 2019, there have been no failures or repairs on any of the three compressor trains. The high reliability of these seals is helping the operation keep its 40% of greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitment over 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the life of the project.

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~4 million tonnes per year

Annual carbon dioxide injected underground

Our Technologies

Gas Seals and Systems

We have installed more than 1,100 gas seals and panels worldwide in carbon dioxide applications, including more than 30 units in supercritical CO2 compression.

Dry Gas Seals Gas Seal Systems Gas Conditioning Units GCU Centrifugal Seal Gas Booster

Wet Seals and Systems

We have the broadest portfolio of wet seals and systems in the industry. Our range of API, ANSI and high-duty seals have enabled the successful operation of many existing carbon capture sites around the world.

API 682 O-Ring Pusher Seals Metal Bellows Seals Vessel and Agitator Seals Wet Seal Systems


We have proven experience in seal gas particulate and coalescing filtration for carbon dioxide applications. We are investing in next-generation coalescing technology to reduce water and oil containments in CO2.

FCF Seal Gas Filtration Fuel Gas Filtration Liquid Filtration Replacement Filter Elements


Our power transmission couplings are designed to be high-performing across a range of applications. We have extensive field experience with couplings operating in carbon capture facilities, from natural gas processing to hydrogen and ammonia production.

Turbomachinery Couplings API Couplings General Process Industries Couplings

Asset Management

Our asset management team provides proven maintenance and reliability improvements to rotating equipment installed and operating in carbon capture facilities.

Asset Management Solutions

John Crane Sense®

Our digital monitoring and predictive analytics solutions help to increase reliability and reduce the operating cost of rotating equipment operating in hydrogen applications.

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