Gas Seal Management Program

John Crane's Gas Seal Management Program improves critical equipment reliability by ensuring proper storage, handling and delivery of mission critical engineered components.

We help to ensure 24/7 operations and safeguard your spare dry gas seals.

The service works to complement our existing portfolio of turbomachinery services.

The program includes:

  • Secure, climate-controlled and world class storage rooms
  • Seals stored in robust customized cases
  • Rapid turnaround from customer request to seal shipment
  • Static and dynamic testing
  • Refreshment, recertification and warranty of seals to like new condition
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Spare dry gas seals are placed in a temperature and humidity-controlled John Crane facility, where they are stored under optimized conditions. This solution avoids contamination and the potential presence of moisture on the seal faces generated by environmental changes beyond the specified storage conditions.

It also maintains the integrity of all hardware and seal components, mitigating the risk of failure and ensuring immediate seal performance for installation, start- up and operation. Seals can also be shipped as soon as they are needed, reducing equipment downtime and costs associated with unnecessary inventory.

Key benefits of the Gas Seal Management Program include:

  • Risk mitigation associated to improper storage
  • Logistical efficiency
  • Prescheduled seal refreshment and recertification time
  • Supply scheduled around customer need and planned around turnarounds
  • Seals only handled by trained experts
  • Set cost can be integrated into annual budgeting
  • Additional seals can be purchased when required and added to program

Gas seal management can also work as part of a wider maintenance reliability strategy. View our Asset Management Solutions brochure here.

Using our Gas Seal Management Program we were able to save a customer potential losses of $1.5m per day view the case study here.

Download the new turbomachinery brochure here.

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