John Crane - Process Filtration
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Process Filtration

Often your very method of production will introduce contamination to your process, whether from imperfect ingredients, necessary reagents or process equipment, and in order to deliver end product free from impurity and contamination, inhibiting, filtering action is required.  But typically, filtration is typically an imperfect process: some fluid remains on the feed side of the filter and fluid and particulates become embedded in the filter media.

John Crane filtration solutions and technologies keep your process running at maximum efficiency to significantly reduce process contamination and increase the productivity of your operation. Our filter elements and systems are designed to meet global and regional standards, but selection of filter media is critical to determine filtration performance. We use nonwovens and wire mesh metallic media extensively and a variety of welding processes, as well as reactive adhesives or epoxy-based sealing compounds based are utilized for bonding metal materials. Our products are designed to work together in complex systems to ensure optimum system performance and we provide filter elements able to remove liquids in addition to solids within a single unit. Our replacement elements incorporate unique design features, ensuring maximum filter performance.

John Crane’s Seebach filtration products are durable and high-quality made from steel, stainless steel and other metallic materials. Applications for gas- and liquid filtration can be found in nearly every branch of energy production and process industry. Our Seebach® filters are not just a portfolio of standard components: we design and produce filters to meet your specific process requirements.

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